Sunday, August 17, 2008

Slowly catching up...

I LOVE PaperDoll Designs! I really do. It makes me so happy to be able to create cute stuff everyday and I have been so blessed over the past 5 years with so many wonderful customers, many of whom are now friends. I've also been blessed with an amazing husband who never complains that I am a bit of a PaperDoll-aholic, amazing kids who actually beg to "help" me work and amazing friends who let me ramble on about personalized pens and which new product should come next and whether or not this new design is cuter than this new design. When I first started doing this I would get a few orders a week and I laugh now about how it stressed me out when I thought I was SO busy! Now I'm constantly struggling to catch up and my new orders file is never empty and I know that God really has blessed this business. I should never complain about being busy. It's a blessing....really it is. So, I'm trying to cheerfully drown in PaperDoll orders and I'm praying that I will soon be caught up. Thank you so much for being patient and don't let this scare you from sending in your orders. I still smile every time I get one.

Pink & Chocolate Stripe Plate (sweetheart font)

NEW! Bag Tag made to match Nora's crazy bag (Fontdiner Loungy font)

Blue & Green Stripe with Puppy Mini Bag Tag (impervious font)

Little Prince Mini (leftovers font)

Guitar on Blue Mini (pupcat font)

Baseball Mini (chalk font)

Fire Truck Mini (leftovers font)

Hepburn Blue Mini (curlz font)

Blue & Chocolate Rugby (jackson junior font)

Hepburn Purple Mini (sweetheart font) & Camo Mini (Tempus Sans font)

Princess Mini (chalk) & Groovy Boy (chalk font)

Princess Bag Tag (sweetheart)

Pink GumDrops Bag Tag (kayleigh)

Pink Flower Power (fontdiner loungy)

Dot Dot Darcy Red Turquoise Bag Tag (kayleigh font)
Flat Fill In Photo Cards ($12/set of 10) - Arial & Susie's Hand fonts

Green Blossom Note Cards (little days font)

Hepburn Blue (french script font)

Dot Dot Darcy Initial Lunchbox Pink & Green (kayleigh font)

Groovy Girl lunchbox and Sports Bottle (impervious font)

Tatum Pink Sports Bottle and Lunchbox (impervious font)
Fire Truck PlaceMat (leftovers)

Rugby Blue & Red with Guitar PlaceMat (jackson jr. font)

Green Blossom PlaceMat (little days font)
Hepburn Blue Pen (sweetheart)

Hepburn Red Pen (sweetheart)

Hippie Chic Orange Pen (sweetheart) PaperDoll Paisley Pink/Chocolate Pen (sweetheart)
Pink Dotty with Purple Purse Sippy (curlz)

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