Friday, August 15, 2008

Another New Product...Sort of

I've found a new pen and it's WAY better! I heart these pens!!! They are much fancier (that means better quality and way nicer) than the other pens AND you can refill these I'm told. They are a little bit more expensive (but still super reasonable) but definitely worth it. For the rest of August they will be $5 each and after that they will be priced at $6. These make a great "I'm glad you are my teacher" gift!!!

Sabrena Stripe (NEW Missy Font) & Hepburn Pink (Sweetheart Font)

Hippie Chic (Font Diner Loungy Font)

Just in case you are curious, The Lovely Assistant was just lovely today!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you LA!!!


  1. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the lunch boxes. you are just too good...I think you are from another planet youre so good!

  2. Hello my friend!! I love those pens sew much. Hope you are doing well!


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