Saturday, August 2, 2008

PaperDoll Pics

Before I head off to the beach, I wanted to get rid of all the product photos that I haven't posted yet. I just realized I haven't posted any in quite a while and I've got a lot of them. Here's what I've got...I know you are just dying to see them.

Red Stripe Cabin Tray (Sweetheart Font)
Green Chandelier Tray (Sweetheart font)
PaperDoll Paisley Tan Tray (French Script)
Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Green Initial Placemat (Arial Initial & Curlz)
Jenks Trojan Sports Bottle (Impervious)
Sporty Stripe Sports Bottle (Marker Fine Point)
Hippe Chic Flat Note Cards (Curly Cue)
Sabrena Stripe with Horse artwork (Sweetheart)
Princess, Purple Flower Power, Pink Flower Power & Purple Circus (Curlz)
Groovy Girl (Curly Cue) & Groovy Boy (Pupcat)
Zebra Lime (Sweetheart)
Baby Shower invitation...This design needs a name. (susie's hand & pupcat fonts)
Sporty Stripe Pencil Cup (Marker Fine Point)
Camo Bag Tag (done to match this year's Gap bags) - Chalk font
Mimi Note Cards (Parade)
Pink Elephant bag tag for my little friend Ivy who loves pink elephants (Missy font - NEW FONT!)
Red & Ble Rugby With Football (Chalk font)
This bag tag was made to match baby bedding. I LOVE the way it turned out. These two pics show a front view and a back view.
Sports Bag Tag (Chalk)
Soccer Ticket Invitation
Mini Candy Bars - Pink Dotty with Slice of Cake
Surf's Up Photo Invitation
Chocolate Party Pink Note Cards - Impervious font
GumDrops & Pink Lemonade Straw Cups (curly cue)
New Design (that would love to have a name) checkbook Cover - Kayleigh font
Pool Bubbles Invitation and matching Note Card (Tinker Toy)
Primary Bubbles - so cute in person!
Sanddollar Chapsticks
Isn't this beautiful! I love this jar full of pretty keychains! I ordered them to sell at a show that I was going to do in August but I have since changed my mind. The jar is half empty now because I've sold lots of them to friends who've passed the word on to their friends, etc. I still have some left though so let me know if you NEED a beautiful key chain!
I'm so so sorry to have dumped all those photos on you but now I can head off without feeling like I left something undone. NOW, I'm officially going on vacation!!! I'll see you when I see you!


  1. We will be thinking of you everyday...hoping that you are having a wonderful time. Have fun!!! hollie

  2. Have a great vacation! I would love the black / white/ green keychain! :-) See you next week!!

  3. Terri FrankenbergerAugust 4, 2008 at 10:16 PM

    My inlaws love their cabin platter & I swear I want to hang mine on the kitchen wall...hehehe..THANKS! :)

  4. Come home..Hope you all are OK!


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