Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I won't forget...

The other day Graham got in the car after school holding his new library book. He very seriously said "Mom, my book has bad words in it." I was thinking, surely not. He must be confused. He explained that he wasn't sure if he should tell me out loud what they were because his little brother and sister were in the car. I said to tell me what it started with. To my shock, he said "F, U." My head started racing and I wondered how in the world I was going to explain this and why did he know that it was bad anyway and how in the world did that end up in a library book. Then he very quietly said "Fat, Ugly." Thank God. Am I being too strict that my 8 year old thinks "fat" and "ugly" are seriously bad words?

This reminded me of a funny store though. When he was very little he was sitting in the floor doing an alphabet puzzle. Suddenly he jumped up and started screaming "Where's the F n' G?" I died laughing because it sounded so funny coming out of the mouth of a baby. Of course, we don't talk that way around here! He was missing the letter F and the letter G!

And one more potty mouth story...

Before Charlie was born we were considering naming him Finn. One day I was giving the kids baths and noticed the towel hooks that were hanging in the bathroom. We had an "N" for Nora and a "G" for Graham. If we named the baby Finn, we would have an F N G. I decided right then that we would NOT be naming him Finn.

I don't have a potty mouth...I promise.


  1. That's okay...Connor gets on to anyone who says, "stupid" or "fat." I think it is good that we train our kids not to say these words. :-) Good job, Mama!

  2. Too cute! We must have a strict household as well, my 10 year old still thinks stupid is a bad word. This reminds me of when that ten year old was two. She was running around calling her daddy a "faker". He was teasing her about something. Through her giggles and little two year old mouth it sounded like she was calling him something else that has an F and a K in it. We laughed so hard!

  3. I think it is extremly sweet that Graham thinks fat and ugly are bad words. It shows how senitive he is. I esp. like that he thinks fat is a bad word! :)
    I remember the F and G story. He knew the alphabet so early. He was just a baby so it was even funnier.

  4. That is hi-larious! Be GLAD that your kids think those words are bad. Around here the S-Word is Shut Up and it is never never said!

  5. That is precious that he thought those were bad words. I think that is great! Shows what wonderful values you are instilling in your children. I love hearing stories of what our kiddos come up with to say. I'm glad you are documenting because with our busy lives it would be easy to forget these funny things!

  6. That is seriously and adorable story. NO ... an 8 year old who really thinks those are terrible words is very refreshing and they will grow to be an awesome adult. Whatever we teach our kiddies now is what they will carry over to their own children.

    Kiss your brain Karen for being a good Mommy!!! :)

  7. Sooo funny! Do you have one of those letter alphabet worms? When my 10 year old had his one night he was just playing and that worm said, "F","C", you can imagine our faces. So 5 years later when our now 5 year old had his we parents had to just see if it still worked and they worm makers must have figured it out b/c the work actually laughed when you pressed that letter combo! Memories! So fun! Oh and you WON on our BLOG!!! Email us if you want the heart w/ wings or something else and I'll get ready for you when I pick up mine this next week! :) Happy Day!

  8. Kids are so funny sometimes! That is so cute!


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