Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sample Sale!

I have the greatest customers! I love all the sweet comments and the notes (and sometimes even little gifts) that are left at my doorstep when people pick up their orders. I love that I have made some great friends through PaperDoll. For all the good there is just a little bad. No Shows are one of the things I really dislike. Once in a while, not very often at all, someone will place an order and then never come by to pick it up. Since I have no use for note cards with someone else's name and because my sample closet is overflowing I have decided to start posting them. Perhaps one of you know an Aubrey Grace or a Jenny that would like some 1/2 price note cards.
Chocolate Party Pink "Aubrey Grace" Impervious font - $5/set of 10 note cards
Big Dotty Hot Pink "Jenny" Kayleigh font - $5/set of 10 note cards

Because I get asked the same questions about PaperDoll stuff A LOT I'm going to be adding a Freguently Asked Questions section soon so if you have any questions, send them my way.
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