Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

I finally broke down the other day and did the 25 Random Things on Facebook. I kept getting tagged and finally gave in to peer pressure. It took so much time to type it all out I felt the need to get a lot of use out of it and post it here too. I even added a little bit to it this time (as if I didn't go into enough detail the first time.) If you are reading this and want to blog about your 25 things, leave a comment so I can check it out. I'm nosey that way.

1. I can take a nap at just about any time during the day. I have trouble sleeping at night but give me a blanket between 8 am and 8 pm and I'll be out. I like long naps!
2. I get seriously angry when I see people driving pick up trucks with "unsecured cargo." I'm not kidding. It makes me crazy mad. I've had an aluminum ladder fly out of a truck I was behind TWICE in my life. Tie it down people!
3. It also drives me crazy when people don't put their carts away in grocery store parking lots. Why can't they walk 5 feet to the little cart area?? Please tell me you don't abandon cart. Shameful!
4. My big brothers used to call me Gertrude when I was little. I would cry.
5. I can not sleep unless my ear is covered up with a blanket.
6. I have a growing mental list of words that I do not like to hear or say. My oldest brother and my husband know about the list and like to use these words in conversations from time to time just to annoy me. I started to type some out but it made me cringe and I started backspacing.
7. I'm not a phone person. I very rarely even answer the phone. It's not that I'm screening calls either. I just don't even look to see who it is. It's gotten to the point that I don't even hear my phone ring. It makes my mom crazy. I go weeks without checking messages. That makes my husband crazy. I love email communication. It's not that I don't love a good girl chat on the phone every now and then but I just am not a big phone talker.
8. My youngest son is named Charlie. For probably the first 4 months after he was born I had a very hard time saying his name. I wished that I had named him something else and wanted to change his name. It must have been hormones because one day I woke up and he was SO Charlie. I'm so glad that we named him Charlie and I'm so glad my hormones didn't make me change it.
9. I'm shy. I get nervous about meeting new people and going new places and I would rather eat worms than do any type of public speaking. This includes but is not limited to ice breakers at parties, public prayer, teaching Sunday School to little kids and reading aloud in front of adults. They all make my heart beat fast. In college I decided to face my fears and I got the job as the OU Panhellenic Rush Chair. I traveled around speaking to high school girls and their moms about the rush process. I would seriously freak out before each event and although I survived and I am glad I did it, it did not help my shy factor one bit. SHY.
10. I only like beer. I do not like any other kind of alcohol. I'm a cheap date.
11. I'm seriously cold natured. I'm cold pretty much all of the time.
12. When I was little I had a pet bunny. My mom got rid of her one day while I was at school and gave me a stuffed animal in her place.
13. My favorite material possession is my grandmother's ring. I think about my grandma everyday when I see it on my finger and am so sad that she is not here to get to know my babies. She had Alzheimer's and even though she was alive when I got married the real her was long gone and Nathan never really got to meet her. Miss her...
14. I drink lots and lots of Diet Dr. Pepper. I recently replaced about half of my daily intake with caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper but I'm considering going back to the real thing.
15. I'm claustrophobic. I can not sit in the middle in a booth. I also could never hide under the bed when I was playing hide and seek as a child. I freak out a little bit if I can't undo the clasp of a necklace or bracelet.
16. Typing this list is starting to make me think I need counseling.
17. I am married to the greatest man alive. My mom thinks he spoils me. I think he's fabulous. The first thing I noticed about him was his great hair. He had a very "McDreamy" thing going on back in the mid 90's.
18. I was born on Halloween. My 35th birthday was my best birthday ever.
19. When I was pregnant with Charlie the Dr. told us he was a girl. He was going to be named Violet Jane. We found out he was really a boy before he was born but after we had bought all the girly purple stuff for the nursery.
20. I fell off a chair when I was about three and my two front teeth went through my lip. I have a tic-tac-toe looking scar right underneath my bottom lip.
21. I am not good in emergency situations. I panic. Nathan is wonderful in emergency situations.
22. I've never lived anywhere but Oklahoma. That is so sad. Norman, OKC, Jenks and Tulsa.
23. I love sad songs. I'm not a sad person but for some reason I really love listening to sad breakup type songs.
24. I look through cookbooks all the time. I'm always looking for recipes online. I watch cooking shows a lot. I have great intentions but I rarely cook anything new and I would not consider myself a good cook.
25. I was the communications director for a non-profit in Edmond right after college. I left that job when the director ran his fingers through my hair one day and told me he preferred my hair curly. Shortly after I left, he was fired for sexual harassment involving someone else that worked there. I prefer my hair straight.
26. I'm adding a number because I shouldn't have ended on that icky note.


  1. The bunny pooped all over the house. I don't like unsecured ladders either(I was driving one on those times) The older brothers would do anything to make her cry or scream. The nap thing is inherited. I miss grandma too. She loved her very much. Nathan does have great hair and that was the first thing I noticed about him (from a pic.) but he does spoil her just like her Mommy and Daddy but that's ok. I hope G and Sweet Chuck spoil their wives. Now something you probably don't know about her and she would never tell you....she still keeps her raggedy baby blanket and Teddybear close by. She even walked down the isle with the blanket (hidden under her dress.

  2. I'm too lazy to do this, but I have been tagged many times and I like reading them so maybe I will give in too! By the way, I didn't know that story about Charlie's name. Oh, and did you know Abby was supposed to be a boy? SHe's the girliest girl I have!!!

  3. Karen, you are hilarious! I loved your list!

  4. I loved reading your list. I too gave in to FB peer pressure and did one there. I am always cold as well, what a creepy boss!, I too would love to to cook more. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I could've written most of your answers for myself verbatim. Will you be my best friend? Ha!!

    (The words I hate are "tacky" and "squat.")

  6. i do love your list and you have inspired me to try it. I think the lists show that we all have quirks... and that it's OK! I am cold all the time too. I get that.
    Blog Blessings!

  7. I loved this. I finally broke down after being tagged several times on facebook and did it too. I'm such a sucker that way! :) I think #27 should have been that you make the cutest personalized products around! Brag a little sister! That is what those things are for. :)

  8. ha, ha, ha! i love it!!! i think maybe the director of that place worked with me once too!...only he never touched me! that woulda FREAKED ME OUT girlfriend!!! you're so funny. don't backslide on the diet dp. i love you and don't want your bones to be brittle when you're 80 because by then we'll have to have lunch in real life.

    girl. violet jane. killing me. killing. me. how precious. charlie's FABULOUS...SO COOL, so hip, so just way cool of a name! charlie is the kinda name with the mcdreamy hair too...

    maybe i'll get around to my 25 soon...i'm trying to be defiant.

    night. i'll bet you're awake though.


    p.s. type the words list...i'm BEGGING YOU!!!

  9. 27. I think my older brother, Jonathan, is so cool that I am stalking all his friends and making them my Facebook friends. I want to be just like him.


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