Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catching up...

Despite the past few crazy days, I am starting to catch up a little. I've still got tons of emails to answer and lots of orders to fill but I'm not as behind as I was a few days ago and I've got a game plan.
We spent the past few days at the Dr.'s office and at Urgent Care. Poor Charlie just can't seem to get well. Friday he had a fever of 104. He was delirious and miserable. After blood tests, chest x-rays, two antibiotic shots and a new round of antibiotics I think he might finally be on the mend. We have one more test that we'll do this week and then I'm just praying that the poor baby can get back to being two. I asked my pediatrician if we could have a Jameison family parking space. He said we could. I'll be sending The Baker up there with a paint can this week.
Zebra Tiffany Blue Plate
Little Bo Peep Plate
Monkey on Pink Dotty; Poodle on Purple Dotty
Soccer Ball Plate
Striped Plate - Made to Match a Gumdrop Pink Placemat
Pink Heart Valentine's Day Tray
Sabrena Bubbles Note Pads
Cowboy Bag Tag
Doggy Bag Tag
Pink & Lime Dots Cupcake Toppers and Stickers; Matching Pink & Lime Stripe Bubble Gum Bags
Pink Lemonade with Crown Sippy Cup
Black Damask Hot Pink Note Cards
Hepburn Tiffany Blue Placemat
Groovy Boy Placemat & Plate

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  1. So sorry to hear about your little ones ailments....I am all too familair with your situtation....if 1 is sick I usually take all 3, just in case...and my Ped is so awesome, we communicate via email alot so I don't have to bring them in and then my hubby is able to call them in their Rx's....yippee! Hope life resumes to normal craziness soon!

  2. Karen, we were at the after hours clinic yesterday with Ellie Grace and are now the proud owners of a breathing machine. I am so sorry, but I feel your pain!

  3. Oh no, I hope your little one gets well soon. My little one is sick today too, fever, tummy ache......yuck! I hope you are doing well otherwise....:)


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