Thursday, March 20, 2008

Someone's going to be a big brother!!!

I bet that title got the attention of my friends and family!

Recenly my sweet customer and e-friend Terra asked me to help her share some exciting news. I was thrilled to help and here is a pic of her little boy wearing the big announcement!

We had a blast on our little getaway but I am glad to be back...I missed my computer! How sad is that? Anyway, I have LOTS to say so I will post more later. Charlie is SCREAMING for me.

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  1. How darling! You know that when my grandson, Charlie, becomes a big brother I will order this! Count on it...all the stuff Kim and I have ordered from you has been great, eye-catching, and the envy of all the other shower hostesses! Thanks for letting us "rock"!
    Susie B.


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