Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lately I'm Lovin'...

*The new Reasors that just opened up near our house. It's sad that I get excited about a grocery store but seriously...it's awesome. The produce is beautiful, the flowers are so pretty and you can't beat a grocery store with police car carts when you have a three year old!

*Netflix. I decided that since we rarely go see movies we would treat ourselves to Netflix for the summer. It's been awesome. I've used it more than the kids. I'm getting caught up on all the movies that I really wanted to see but didn't have a babysitter for. Love it.

*the library. We've been going to the library a lot lately. I've actually read a book this summer. A real book...not a kid's book. I've been using the library's website to reserve books that I want the kids to read and it makes things so much easier! We just walk in and grab our books off the reserved shelf. DONE. Then I can let the kids grab a few books off the shelf so they feel like they have picked them all by themselves. It doesn't really matter what they grab because I know that I already have a bag full of books that I handpicked for them. Sneaky.

*Oil of Olay. A few weeks ago I was feeling paranoid. Am I getting wrinkles??? Do I look old?? I went here and took their little quiz and decided to try some of their stuff. I love it. I look 10 years younger. Well, maybe not...but I'm happy with it. Why haven't I used this stuff before??
*Bento Boxes. I developed a little obsession with these about a year ago. One of the mommy chores that I absolutely do not like is making lunches. I usually dread making three lunches everyday but something about these cute little bento boxes makes it all seem less dreadful. I use them at home even though they are supposed to be for lunch on the go. I like seeing how much food I can pack in these tiny boxes and cute little food picks much it much more fun to eat. I ordered them SUPER CHEAP from an online store that has now disappeared so if anyone knows where to find them at an affordable price I'd love to know! We need to add to our Bento collection. I only like the cute ones though...I've got issues.*Switchflops. Okay, at first I thought they were a little cheesy. But then I saw these and I was hooked. I decided that since I never bought those Born shoes I was drooling over, that I could have these as a little summer fling. I got this pair and an extra strap and now I can't stop thinking about all the other straps that I need. I NEED them, right??

*So You Think You Can Dance. Need I say more? I'm in love with this show. I've been watching it for years and I LOVE it. Are you watching it? If I were a freaky stage mom I would start grooming Nora right now for her big debut on this show. It's actually crossed my mind. How proud would I be if someday Nora actually danced across that stage? But I'm not a freaky stage mom. Really, I'm not.

So what are you loving this summer??

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  1. Hi Karen! I'm loving all your stuff, and I'm also loving that I quit my "professional" job to be a full time stay at home mommy. Oh, and I'm also loving that I DVR'd Mamma Mia so I can watch it anytime I want! :)


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