Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change of plans...

Tomorrow we are supposed to be waking up bright and early to head off for a little family getaway. We are supposed to be headed to Frisco for my niece's 2nd birthday. We are supposed to stop at some outlets on the way. We are supposed to stop and visit my brother and his family in Fort Worth. We are supposed to be visiting Anthropologie, The Container Store, American Girl and The Lego Store. We are supposed to be getting a bundt fix at Nothing Bundt Cakes. We are supposed to stay at a hotel with a pool so we can swim and relax and do whatever. We are supposed to watch sweet Ellis blow out two candles. Instead, we are going to sit around the house and watch Charlie do this...Poor Baby has pneumonia. I feel like a bad mommy. He wheezes A LOT and this time I thought it was just asthma or allergies. We've been doing the breathing treatments for a few days and I just assumed it was his usual stuff. I took him to the Dr. at the last minute tonight because I decided it would be best to make sure before we headed out. He's got it pretty bad. Poor little man...

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  1. My sweet Charlie Warlie. Even with your face covered up with your little bugeyed hose, you are the most adorable little boy. I am so sorry you are sick and I will ask Jesus to make you better. I love you bunches and bunches.

  2. Ahhh, poor Prince Charles!!!! It never fails someone is sick when you have plans. Why is that? It's like that here at our house too. Hope he feels better soon.

    Maddie has been battling and ear something or nother and today wakes up and says she is fine do we or don' we call the Dr since it's Friday???

    I feel your pain!!!!! :(

    Kisses and squeezes to all the paper kiddos in Paper Doll Land!!

  3. that happened to me with Ellie Grace, but even more embarrassing was the fact that we went to after hours in HER BASKETBALL UNIFORM!!! I'm sure they thought I was the worst mother ever!!! Poor girl couldn't breathe and I let her go to basketball!

  4. What a bummer Karen.....I completely know how disappointed you plus, Penn Square does have a Lego store now! I hope little man is feeling better really, really soon!

  5. no. :( poor poor Charlie. I am so sorry. That stinks - for everyone.

  6. Kylan saw this picture and said "What's wong with Charlie? Praying he gets better soon!

  7. Oooh, that is painful!

    The sacrifices of being a Mommy...I know they make us into stronger Women though!!

    Hang in there. God must have something better in store for you guys!

  8. Re: So You....Dance.

    Can you believe that Janette was voted off??? I was ready for Melissa to be be gone...


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