Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Easy Crockpot Chicken Ole'

I was just getting ready to start our dinner for tonight and I thought I would share. This is one of The Baker's favorite meals and it's SO EASY! All you have to do is get out your crock pot and drop in some chicken breasts ( I use 4.) I usually put them in frozen and start it mid morning. Take a packet of taco seasoning and sprinkle about half of it on top of the chicken. Drain one can of black beans and add them to crock pot. Top that with lots of salsa. I never measure...maybe 2 cups? Cook on low all day. Top with cheese before serving...YUM!
Try'll like it.

BTW, It's snowing today. It was 80 degrees two days ago. CRAZY! I'm done with cold weather!


  1. Gosh, that sounds good! All of my favorites! Just have to ask (I probably missed it somewhere), but how much are the family calendars? And if my last name has 20 letters (which it does), can you fit it all on there? :)

    Have a great day!

  2. You know how much the Ruleys love us some CHICKEN OLE!

    Been eating it for a few years now thanks to my sweet friend Karen. :)


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