Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flu is Here

Poor miserable Nora has the flu. I thought flu season was over. I won't be paying for flu mist again. Apparently it doesn't work. If you have an order here that I am working on don't be scared of the germs. The Baker AKA The Lysol King will be home soon and he'll be all over the place.

Potty Training update...had to abandon those cute boxer briefs when we headed out to the doctor's office. The phone has been ringing off the wall since I walked in the door so I haven't had a chance to get back on track. We'll start over tomorrow. I think the sticker idea is great...Charlie loves him some stickers. He did great today though.


  1. So sorry...I haven't taken my to the Y to work out for 3 weeks so that they will hopefully be healthy when me and the good Dr. jump the pond on Thursday. People that bring their sick kids to the gym, school really make me po'd....no lady he doesn't have a cough, those green boogers dripping out his nose, and that hacking cough means he's sick, and oh, thanks for giving it to us...geeesh, people still amaze me, and usually not in the good way! Hope your Paperdoll bounces back quickly and I'll pray that no one else contracts it in your fam!

  2. sorry about the flu! Hope no one else gets it. Abby had it a couple of months ago and somehow the others didn't get it!!!

  3. Poor Nora! Having the flu is awful! Don't worry about coming to get the hairclip. You need to take care of little one. If you want me to, I can drop it off, your house isn't too far from my office. Let me know.
    Hope she feels better soon!

  4. So sorry to hear Nora has the flu - if you need a ride to school for Graham, let me know.

  5. So sorry to hear about the flu! I hope things turn around quickly for you guys! Fingers crossed we may have escaped it this year. Of course now that I have said that outloud.....


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