Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Planning

I LOVE planning parties. Well, I loved planning parties when I had more time on my hands. I get all into the theme and can spend hours just researching and coming up with ideas for party favors and decorations. The Baker shakes his head and counts the dollars while I drift off into my happy planning. We do have an every other year birthday party rule but last year our May birthdays were a big bust. It was supposed to be a big party year but we had the unfortunate experience of losing a job right before Charlie's 2nd Birthday and Nora's 5th Birthday. We went low key...just our family for Charlie and Nora had 3 little girls over for an impromptu tea party. No fancy decorations, no fancy favors...basically no "fancy" at all. It turned out that Nora loved the small party and even though I told her she could do a "real" party this year, she wants to do exactly what she did last year with just a few more frills. She's all about American Girls so she wants to have a tea party with her friends and her dolls and of course, everything will need to be pink. If I have it my way, I will be going overboard on the decorations.

I keep seeing this Polyvore thing out there in the blog world and you know how I really need another time sucker. I started playing around with it and it's so much fun. I decided to put a little party plan inspiration board together because I have nothing else to do with my time. No laundry needs to be done, the house is perfectly clean, all orders are filled...right? Anyway, wouldn't a party like this be lovely??

nor'as party board

Charlie's Birthday is actually the week before Nora's and despite the fact that all the other parents will think I am crazy, I have my heart set on a Candy Land themed party. It will probably just end up family and a few close friends so I think everyone can deal. There's really nothing Charlie loves more than stuff that will rot his teeth out so it's perfect for him. And seriously fun party planning for me. Candy buffet anyone??

Charlie Candy Land

Gotta get started...May will be here before I know it.


  1. Lacie Hill did a Candyland theme once for Channing, you should see if she has any ideas to steal! At her entry table, she had put candy in those pretty glass canisters that you see at Restoration Hardware and they put bathroom stuff in them...she had them filled with candy. It was cute and even after the party, she kept it up!

  2. My friend had one too. She gave away travel Candyland games as party favors. Super cute!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I love, LOVE party planning. I am one of those mom's that starts planning my son's party the day after the party. This year for Nick's 5th birthday. I gave away plastic gumball machines that I scored at the dollar store and filled them up with gumballs tied a ribbon around it with a tag and it was a hit. All the moms wanted to know where I got those which means I am going to have to better next year. Another suggestion, Michael's have right now white and pink laterns for $1.00 in their bargain section. Laterns always make great decorations. Hobby Lobby has all those great whismical butterflies, big and small in their spring collections with whismical big and small flowers as well and on top of that, it's 30% off this week. =)
    I am always happen to find a bargain. hope this helps find you some goodies and bargains of your own. =)

  4. I would like to come to all the parties! They look like so much fun. I had never heard of that pol ..whatever it is but will have to chekc out once I get home.

    (My kiddos are at PE and I have nothinbg to do for 30 minutes ..teeheehe)

  5. I remember a very special surprise party you planned for me! I still cherish it to this day. Even if my Mom wouldn't let me watch Cocktail :) Thank you!!!

  6. girl...another reason to boost our e-friendship up to the next level...

    my possible theme for caroline's 2nd birthday party is a chocolate party....with pink and chocolate everything...whatd'ya think? any other cute ideas for a 2nd birthday?

  7. So pun intended..but really love the candyland idea...they're only young once... btw: I'm here in Tulsa, as you know, and would love to help you out with the web thing or be your wrapper or manual laborer whenever the baker has had enough...would truely love to give you a hand anytime... you have my email...

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog. Have you checked out the hostess with the mostess website -- they profile with lots of photos a Candyland Birthday Party. Sounds so great!

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog. Have you seen the Hostess with the Mostess website? They profile with lots of pics a Candyland birthday party. Great idea!


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