Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts and pictures

*I've gotten two free Living Social deals this week!!! So happy!
*I prefer website orders versus email orders. There, I said it. Not everything is listed so sometimes you have to do email orders in which case I'm totally fine with it.
*My mom surprised me with these shoes for Christmas and I NEVER want to take them off.
*I think I might be able to live on Diet Dr. Pepper and sour gummy worms.
*I discovered this song this week and I love it. She has lots of other great songs too.
*I volunteered in Nora's art class today and got to play with clay. It was fun and I had a strong urge to ask Nora to scoot over so I could make hers for her.
*Please don't ask me to pick. I become quite insane trying to decide whether your mother-in-law would prefer pink or blue. I hate telling people "no" so if you really want me to pick...fine.
*I'm trying to tell as many people as I can that I am reading the Bible this year so I will really do it. Ask me in a few months how it's going. Nathan did it last year. He took it very seriously and finished. Impressive.
*We started up on our chore charts again this week because sometimes we slack. All three kids went to bed with clean rooms. Awesome.

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