Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Jameison Summer Ritual

We have started out our summer in typical Jameison fashion - Graham has The Dreaded Strep Throat. Every year (usually during a camp that we have already paid for) he gets Strep. This week is soccer camp AND swim lessons. Luckily we got him to the doctor at the crack of dawn so he will be fine by tomorrow. Someone else will have it by then though. Last summer we had Strep SEVEN times at our house. SEVEN! Graham had it three times, Nora had it once, Nathan had it once and I had it twice. I'm praying that this summer won't be a repeat. I'm throwing out the toothbrushes and Nathan has gone Lysol crazy. He LOVES Lysol. I can't stand the smell of Lysol! It really makes my stomach turn but he LOVES it and thinks it will keep everyone from getting sick. If someone coughs in our house he rushes for his Lysol. If someone throws up he'll double fist the Lysol and go to town. I put a can of it in his stocking at Christmas...he loves it that much.
I'm trying to adjust to the new summer time schedule. I'm not sure where the work part of my day is supposed to fit in...
Here's a few items that were done in the wee hours...

PaperDoll Mini Nail Polish Favors - $2.50 each - minimum of 5 NEW!!!

Pink Striped Lip Balm

Jenks Cheer Lip Balm

Hepburn JENKS Sports Bottle

Hepburn Chocolate (even though it doesn't look it in the picture) and Pink Bag Tag

Dot Dot Darcy Pink Chocolate Mini Bag Tag

At some point this summer I plan to take some time off and spend all my waking hours catching up on my kid's scrapbooks. I am just a little bit behind. About 5 years behind actually. I have never even printed a picture of Charlie and Nora has only her first year of pics in a box and Graham (who is 7) has only his first two years. Nora and Charlie will be so sad after looking at Graham's very detailed, oh so pretty, perfectly chronicled and complete scrapbooks. SO PITIFUL. I'm so ashamed! So, HELP ME! What's the best way to do this? Although I would love to go buy all the fun scrapbooking supplies and spend hours scrapping away, I want to take the easy way out since I am so behind. Do I do those photo books that you can make online? Do I download all the pics from my computer and just have prints made and stick them in albums? What's the best website to use? What should I do? HELP!!


  1. digital baby...digi-scrapping ROCKS! you must do it with your designing abilities...it's WAY faster and you don't have to get one single thing out!!! i will probably never go back to paper scrapbooking...

    the nail polish is KILLING ME! so cute. what else can you wrap something with and make it oh so cute? i'm thinking...


  2. I am allergic to scrapbooking, but have a friend who rocks at it & swears by the digital version. She showed me some sites & some cool stuff & I was almost even led to do it myself!! A few she recommends are Shutterfly, Mypublisher, and Heritagemakers. There are also digital scrapbooking stores which I am sure, with your creativity you would have a blast with: Scrapgirls.com, acherryontop.com, and digitalscrapbookplace.com. Good luck!

    PS love the nail polish! I am sending a friend to the blog for her niece's b-day party - they are doing an 80's theme...how fun!!!

  3. sorry to hear about Graham - hope he bounces back fast!

    on scrapbooking, if you are more of a traditionalist, i would really recommend the picfolio ablums by Creative Memories - you just slide your pictures in and you can still do some embelishing.

    love the nail polishes!!

  4. I don't know you, but love your stuff!

    I'm a scrapbooker & still do it the traditional way with all of the paper & supplies & whatnots. I love sitting down with a stack of pictures & cutting & pasting into something pretty. If you love doing it that way, then I say pick a starting point. Once you start & you know what you want in your books, it just sort of flows. No one said you had to have all kinds of stickers & embellishments. You can always add those later if you must. I think the important thing is to get them out of your computer into an album.
    BUT I have also heard wonderful things about Creative Memories digital scrapbooks. Check out their website. I believe there's a tutorial.

    Good luck!

  5. Try Windows Movie Maker!! So fun!! You get to choose your pics, down load your own music Ect..

    Shutter Fly does a good movie also.

    love your stuff right now!!


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