Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pics

Super Why!
Mad Scientist
Lady Bug

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! We had a great time with friends. The kids looked so cute and the weather was perfect! Charlie wanted to be Super Why and it was perfect because we already had the costume. Graham decided on a Mad Scientist and I have to say I was thrilled to do something besides Star Wars for once. Nora chose a ladybug costume and she looked so sweet! See that big flower pin on her costume?? That was just an extra added touch by Lollielicous. I'm going to take it off and use it on her Christmas outfit. SCORE!

I'm bringing back the bundt. I was all about them last year but had kind of forgotten about it until I did this one for our family October birthdays. So easy, so cute, so yummy!


  1. CUTE CUTE pics!

    p.s. I need the recipe for your chocolate glaze that goes on the cake! ADORABLE!!!

  2. Super cute kids as always! I love that Super Why costume and love the flower pin on Nora!!


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