Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I hope your Fourth was fabulous! We had a great day. We spent the whole day swimming with friends, eating, playing, making snow cones and sundaes and there might have been a few illegal fireworks involved...but I'm not saying for sure. And even if there were, they were little bitty ones. But I'm not saying...

We parked ourselves on the grass along with some friends (and half of South Tulsa) right across from the Jenks RiverCrossing. It was a decent show but next year we'll find a new spot. The kids were exhausted by this point so they didn't really seem to mind the trees blocking half of the fireworks. They PLAYED hard all day and slept great that night.

I just sent out the JUNE PAPERDOLL DESIGNS NEWSLETTER. If you didn't get it and you are just dying to read it, please use the little link over there to the right to sign up.

I hate a post without a picture so here you's a bad pic but it gives you an idea of what went on in our backyard...

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