Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Music...

Usually when I go to a website or blog that has music I end up hitting my computer's mute button. That's why I've gone so long without adding a play list but today I added one anyway. You may not like my taste in music - it's pretty random. For instance, over the past few days I have voluntarily listened to this song on several occassions. I know I'm not a 12 year old girl but I like it. Can't help it. Hit mute if you must! SHA!

Oh, and Darcy, I will be adding some songs JUST FOR YOU soon. You'll know which ones are for you when you hear them. YOU LOVE MY TASTE IN MUSIC!


  1. First of all...thanks for the PaperDoll shout out! I am honored. Secondly, do I get any quesses as to what the song will be? Jessie's girl? any song from Bjork? what is it!? I must know.

  2. Oh no...I just re-read your blog and realized that you might post a song 'for me' that is really for YOU. Should I get out my praise hymnal?

  3. Serioulsy...Daivd Cook is the best ever!!!!So overjoyed when his precious amazing voice came out of my speakers....love that you added music :)

  4. So proud of you for getting YOUR OWN playlist!! :) Haha!!


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