Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My new bloggy linky button thingy....

I think it is actually called a Direct Link Button but "bloggy linky button thingy" is I think exactly how I explained it to Amber when I was asking her to make me one. Even though she hadn't done one before, she created one in no time and now it's over there to the right and you can take it if you want! I'm stealing Amber's directions straight from her blog...I hope she doesn't mind...

Instructions for installation on Blogger:
Under Layout, Click on "Add new Page Element" and then "Add HTML". Paste the .html code into this area and save! Done!!!

Instructions for installation on Typepad:
Go to Typelists > Create New Typelist.Choose Notes for the List Type and give it a name.Click Create New List.In the Note field type copy and paste the code.Click Save.Click the Publish tab and choose which pages you want to put the scroll box on.Click Save Changes.

I've got so much to blog about and TONS of pictures to post but it will have to wait until later. It's after 5 and after a snow cone making double play dating McDonald's PlayPlace kind of day I have no idea what's for dinner. What are you having?


  1. what is the code to copy and paste? I love buttons and would love to add your button to my blog! And I love the great design!


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