Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camp MGS

The little darlings headed out to Camp M~G~S today! That's Camp Mema, Grandpa & (Aunt) Sabrena and let me tell you how excited I am about it. Oh how I love them but it's been over two years since I have spent more than a day away from my babies and this mommy is excited about having a little time to myself! And it's not like I had to force them to go. Look how excited they are! They couldn't get there fast enough. They are going to have a great time over the next few days and so am I! I'll be happy when they are home again but I get to sleep past 7 tomorrow and that sounds pretty good.

Look at this cute pic of Charlie and Nora. Charlie dropped his Thomas the Train right as I was taking the picture and I caught him saying "Uh Oh" and Nora is doing her usual picture pose. Aren't they adorable?

Tatum Pink & Tatum Purple pencil cups (curlz font)

Kindergarten Rocks Lunchbox (PupCat and Susie's Hand fonts)

Pink Striped Initial Onesie (Georgie font)

Vintage Baby Green Tray (sweetheart script)

LOVE THESE Henry Stripe Plate and matching Big Dotty Placemat (sweetheart script)

LadyBug Dot Dot Darcy Black/Red (kayleigh font), Wagon on Blue Striped Shirt (leftovers font) and Monkey Girl on Dot Dot Darcy Pink/Green (kayleigh font) Bag Tags

Little Prince Bag Tag (childish font)

Rugby Blue/Brown (Georgia font)

Groovy Girl Note Cards (curly cue font)

Hippie Chic Sports Bottle (curly cue font)

Thank you so much for all of the sippy cup orders! They have been a big seller and I have a hard time keeping them in stock! Right now I am completely SOLD OUT of pink sippy cups. I have purple though and look how cute...

Tatum Purple Lavender sippy cup (impervious font), Dot Dot Darcy Purple Green Purple sippy - it really is very purple but for some reason it looks blue in this pic (sweetheart script), Purple & Pink Initial stripe Purple straw cup (curlz font) and Hepburn Purple Lavender sippy (sweetheart script.)

Pink Flower Power Straw cup (curlz font)

Hepburn Red (curlz) and Princess (sweetheart script) - This order was for ANOTHER Nora Claire in town...not my Nora Claire!

Tattoo Baby Sippy

Thanks, Sweet Lori for suggesting that I put fonts on the blog. I hope it makes it easier for those of you trying to decide which font you want.

I'm feeling like a GIVEAWAY!!! Check back soon...

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