Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Picture Post...because it's been a while.

dot dot darcy pink and green tumbler
zebra hot pink note cards
hepburn pink candy rolls
custom m&m tubes
powder puff peace sign red and black bag tag
powder puff peace sign red and black sports bottle
powder puff peace sign red and black lunchbox
big dotty pink and purple sports bottles
dot dot darcy black and gold bookmark
black damask hot pink mini candy bars
circus pink and lime bag tag with bow
black damask brown bag tag with bow
new choo choo bag tag

© 2009 paperdoll designs

1 comment:

  1. Junior League Holiday Mart had "Keep Calm and Carry On" bags and necklaces. They reminded me of you! Super cute saying...I had never heard it before. You should do that show. It was had some SUPER cute things! Your pretties would steal the show! :)


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