Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's out, School's out...

I'm already beginning to wonder how we will make it through the summer. Charlie has OFFICIALLY reached the terrible twos and can not be taken anywhere. One quick trip to the store yesterday with all three kids proved that this summer will be a long one. I know, just last week I said I was looking forward to the last day of school. I didn't know that in between then and now Charlie was going to learn how to scream so loud that the windows shake. You think I'm kidding. They seriously rattle. He thinks its funny. I guarantee people in the store yesterday didn't think it was all that funny. He has also decided to give up food, clothing and night time sleeping. He will not allow anyone in the house to play board games unless he can periodically dive into the middle of the game board and send all game pieces flying. He will not allow anyone to play Webkinz unless he can randomly have control of the mouse. Unless he can have complete ownership of one remote control at all time there is no WII allowed. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. He's so cute and can be so sweet but OH MY GOSH what are we gonna do with this boy??
The plate you are about to see really deserved it's own post. It's that beautiful. I was so thrilled when I got this order and I couldn't wait to see it in person. It's fabulous!

Pink Chandelier Plate - $20

My sister-in-law sent this cute little photo clip last week. I think it was supposed to be for Nora but really she should know by now that if something pink and sparkly shows up I might claim it. It's perfect for photo opps!

It's a Plane bag tag & Monkey Girl bag tag - $6 each
Close your eyes baby Ellis...your birthday plate will be there soon! Dot Dot Darcy Green & Purple Plate
Dot Dot Darcy Black & Red Checkbook Cover and Pen

Chocolate for Hollie Mini Bag Tag - $5

custom card - Hepburn Green and Yellow

Baseball Sippy - $12

Onesies - Pink and Chocolate Stripe and Blue and Chocolate Stripe
I just love the name Gus! It was on my list for Charlie...Love it! Cute!

Pirate Sippy
Guitar Stickers - $7/set
Sippy...poor design has no name...
Dot Dot Darcy Black and Pink with Owl Checkbook Cover

Hippie Chic Fold Over note cards and Flat note cards


  1. Don't worry, we are going through the same stage here at the Schutlheis house. Sometimes it give me relief to know I am not the only one going through a difficult stage. It is exhausting on a momma! I hope it doesn't last long. We find out tomorrow what we are having and I keep thinking I am not sure I have the energy for another spirited boy! :) By the way, I love the new pink and yellow design. It reminds me of pink lemonade and summer!

  2. I feel your pain! My 3 kids have been bouncing off the walls! I am praying that the pool warms up quickly so they can go bounce out there!

    And i was thinking the same thing as terra about the pink and yellow design - pink lemonade!

    have a great day!


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