Monday, May 12, 2008

The Tramp...Part 2

Why didn't anyone tell me that every family with kids must have a trampoline??? I stared out the window today in amazement. All three kids are perfectly happy playing together while confined in a 14 ft. circle. It's like a little even has a zipper to keep it closed! They never even ask to get out. They love it in there. The novelty might wear off but for now they are loving it! They have been out there EVERY day that it hasn't been raining. They come home from school, eat a snack, do their homework and go straight to the trampoline. LOVE IT! It's great exercise for me too!

My fabulous new friend Wendy has been passing tons of orders my way so I better get to work but of course, I will leave you with some pics.

Hepburn Pink Sippy Cup & Guitar Sippy Cup

Sabrena Stripe with Horse Artwork Plate and Sippy Cup

Large Note Pad - footballs and funky shoes

Large Note Pad - guitars and funky shoes

Small Note Pads - orange flower, bumble bee, pink bubbles, blue bubbles, hippie chic emblem


  1. OMG we love our trampoline! It's like a big kid playpen. It's been one of the best investments ever!!!!

  2. I am a huge trampoline fan! However my niece, 5 years, was playing "kneesies" and some how broke her femur bone! You can check my old posts for the cast she has to wear. Poor thing. She says she'll never get back on a tramp. But I'm hoping to make sure she gets back on the horse, so to speak, before she officially has a fear of them.


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