Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birthday Week!

It's a Birthday week at the Jameison house! Sweet Baby Charlie will be two on Wednesday. It makes me a little sad. He's our baby and he's not such a baby anymore. We definitely, absolutely, for sure, no doubt WILL NOT be adding a number four to the mix but there are days when I miss the baby stuff. I LOVE babies!!! LOVE THEM! Anyway, check in later this week...I'm thinking a give-away might be in order to celebrate Charles Oliver's big day.
Here are some pics:

Check Book Covers: Hepburn Green, Dot Dot Darcy Green & Black, Dot Dot Darcy Turquoise & Black - inside is done in coordinating print or solid - $10 each

Pencil Cup - Blossom Blue

Dot Dot Darcy Green & Pink PlaceMat - $15

GumDrops Pink, Red & Orange PlaceMat

GumDrops Pink, Red & Orange Invitation & Note Cards

Tumbler...I just did these for an Etsy customer. She's giving them to her Bridal Party...what a great idea!! Groovy Girl, GumDrops, Big Dotty Bright Pink, Hepburn Purple, Big Dotty Blue & Chocolate, Hippie Chic Blue, Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Chocolate

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