Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crazy Busy Hectic Days

It's always like this at the end of the school year. It seems there is an event of some sort everyday and lots of end of the year celebrations. Add Nora and Charlie's birthdays and tons and tons of teacher gifts into the mix and we've got an insanely busy schedule. I'll be a little bit relieved on that last day of school. Oh how I wish my little darlings were late sleepers and the summer would just be perfect. All three are early risers! I don't know how I produced children that like to wake with the sun. I'm a true night owl. I can't even imagine going to bed before 1 am...and I actually feel like I've gone to bed early if I make it there by then.
I got a ton of work done tonight and for the first time since I don't know when I feel like I might get to relax a little bit somewhere in the near future. Thank you so much for all the orders. You have no idea how much it means to me that my little PaperDoll business has been booming lately. I really do love doing this!

Dot Dot Darcy Black Red with Monogram Circle Note Cards

Hepburn Red PaperWeight - $25

Vintage Baby Large Note Pad

Black and Gold Dot Dot Darcy Emblem Note Pad

Black and Orange Dot Dot Darcy Emblem Note Pad

Hepburn Black and Red Large and Small Note Pads

Guitar Mommy Note Pad

Patriotic Hepburn (my mom's friend became a United States Citizen today and these were a gift to her)

Dot Dot Darcy Green Kappa Delta Tumbler

Red Soccer Sports Bottle

Ballet GumBall Bags - $1.50 each

Dot Dot Darcy Green & Pink Checkbook Cover

Pink & Purple Stripe with Birthday Cake Mini Candy Bars

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