Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweet Friends

My awesome friend Hollie is just that...AWESOME! She just showed up at my door with PINK sippy cups! I've been searching for them and had just about given up. Those PINK ones are hard to find! Not only did she come bearing gifts of pink sippies but she took darling Nora home with her! Sir Charles is sleeping and now I get a few quiet minutes to get some work done! It's been so crazy here...I say that all the time but seriously...CRAZY busy! Thank you so much to those of you who have waited patiently for your orders. It's taking me just a little bit longer to fill some of them these days since my orders have increased so much. I'm expecting things to slow down over the next month or so...we'll see!

Here are a LOT of pics for you...

Flower Power Green, Pink & Orange Mini Candy Bars - $12/30

Big Dotty Bright Blue & Chocolate Small Note Cards - $10 set of 10

Gingham Floral & Camo Calling Cards - $12/24

Dot Dot Darcy Royal Blue & Lime Tumblers...LOVE THESE! This color combo is so fun! I've been doing lots of school colors in tumblers for teacher gifts. Very Cute! Order your teacher gifts now!!!!

Maui Orange Calling Cards

Hepburn Hot Pink Note Cards

Mimi & Little Debbie Note Cards

PaperDoll Paisley Pink & Pink & Chocolate Bubbles Mini Candy Bars

Blossom Blue Note Cards

Rugby Photo Cards...great idea for thank you notes!! $12/10

Large Truck Mommy Note Pads - $16/set of 2 note pads

Night Owl Sports Bottles
I'm off to pick up the mess that has taken over my office!

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