Thursday, May 1, 2008

More about being robbed...

I just had to tell you how my "being robbed" story is unfolding. I had to go INSIDE the bank again yesterday to fill out more paperwork. I was checking my balance and noticed MORE charges that I did not make. I immediately called the bank and was told that yes, I had cancelled my card but that I had not requested that it be internationally cancelled and these new charges are international charges. I thought the guy was kidding because to me "cancelled" means "CANCELLED!" I let him give me his speech and then I hung up and called right back so I could get someone else and I was sure that they would tell me that he didn't have a clue. But guess what? They told me the same thing! Ridiculous! So, if someone ever steals your credit card or debit card or gets the number somehow...make sure you request that your card be internationally cancelled - whatever the heck that means.

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