Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm the Mommy of a 2nd Grader!

This handsome little man (who will be getting a haircut tomorrow) has not gotten a lot of blog time. Poor guy! Today was the last day of school and he is so excited to officially be a second grader. He had an awesome year. We seriously had the best first grade teacher EVER! She really challenged our little genius and he had the best time and made some really great friends.
Here he is at the Author's Tea they had the other day. They each wrote a book and had it "published" and then invited all the parents for a reading. It was too cute and he did a great job.

He's our analytical, rule following, fact memorizing, speed reading super kid. He's never been one to really use his imagination...he's more about the facts BUT his story totally blew me away. It was so cute and very creative!
We took him out tonight all by himself. Just me, Nathan and Graham. We NEVER do that. The poor G hasn't had any alone time with his mommy and daddy since 2003. He LOVED it. We went to dinner and to a movie. We really should do it more often. Isn't he freakin' adorable??? I just love this little man!

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