Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Bundt Cakes...

Seriously. Are you so tired of seeing these cakes? Same cake, different bow. I still love them. They are so cute everytime. My nieces came in town this past weekend and both of them have birthdays coming up so The Baker baked his yummy chocolate chip chocolate cake and I got to decorate two more baby bundts. This time I added a little gift to the center of the bow. I ordered these cute little Lego rings a long time ago and was saving them for their birthdays. They both love Legos and when I saw these sparkly little things I new they had to have them. Of course, now Nora thinks she has to have one too...
My niece set the "Kid's Table" at my mom's house. Doesn't it look lovely? Wonder where Nana got those great plates for all the grandkids?


  1. hey girl...it's me...your blog stalker. i came to read you blog and my stomach turns almost every time i read each post because I ADORE YOU and you and i are FREAKISHLY alike. it's weird. i know you know already that i'm weird...but the comment in one of your posts about ideas floating around in your brain...wow! i can totally relate. i, too, am a mommy of a second grader. and love nora's crown. i love all your posts. i'm ready for a play date... God created such a neat soul when He created you. i'm envious of all your business expertise. have a great week!

  2. I too mistakenly took both my kids to the grocery store after school was out. I assure you yours was not the only TERRIBLE two-year-old there!!! I actually had to sit my kids down together for a heart-to-heart and remind them that they loved each other & could not continue to act like warring nations for the entire summer. We actually had to have forced hugs, kisses and "I love you"s.

    sooo...are you giving up the cake recipe????



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