Thursday, April 9, 2009

You take the good, You take the bad, You take them both and there you have...

Did you know that Blair from Facts of Life home schools her kids?? No, I haven't been stalking her since Facts of Life went off the air but I recently ran across a great book written by her all about home schooling and she has a website about it too.
I know you think I've lost it and I agree with you. Feel free to tune out now if you think I am crazy. I can't believe we are seriously considering this. I've been doing tons of research and the more I read the more I like about it. I think my organized structured self would be in heaven getting prepared for "school" but I fear that I would lose my sanity once it actually came to teaching and I fear that the kids would miss the social life that comes with regular school. I think there would be a lot of positive things to come out of it for our family though. This economy crap scares me and a year or two without tuition would be so nice. It would also be nice to not have to be somewhere every morning and to not have to remember to dress my kid as a princess or a wacky tourist or send an empty coffee container (especially since we don't drink coffee) or collect 121 things that start with the letter "B" or send a check for this fundraiser or that fundraiser or drive on a field trip every other afternoon. Don't get me wrong...I love the teachers for making learning fun...I just can't keep track of it all!
Are there any home schoolers reading this??? I'd love to hear from you. I don't know a single soul who actually home schools. I want to know the bad stuff that the books and the websites don't tell you.

I'll be posting PaperDoll Pics soon and I'm thinking about a giveaway or a special. BTW, check out the giveaway at Lollielicious.


  1. I can't offer you any homeschooling advice, but if you want to see my picture with Blair just let me know!

  2. I have no home-schooling advice to offer because I don't have kids that age yet...but I say try it! Nothing is permanent and maybe you need to try it to know for sure. I love all of the positives associated with it, too...and you won't fully know the negatives till you've actually done it. Pioneer Woman has a lot of neat stuff on her site about it, too! I'll be praying you guys feel good about your choice!

  3. homeschooling at my house would be a complete no advice here, but I just wanted to tell you good luck in your endeavor and that I think you would be great at it! ...can't wait to read about how things are going!

  4. I know that Christian Montessori Offers a home school bridge type program where you can bring your kids there 1-2 times a week for the socialization and some in classroom type stuff. I also know there are homeschool co-ops where several moms work together and maybe you are good at teaching math, but the other is good at teaching science so you swap out. I know one of the moms at swim class did this... Can I send my kids to your school for homeschooling?

  5. I homeschool my kids and I been doing for the past four years. If you have ANY questions I would love to answers them...the best I can:-)

  6. I randomly linked to your blog and thought I'd share why I am going to homeschool. My oldest will start kindergarten in August. I decided to homeschool until my children are 8. I read some studies that say children develop their character and learn the most before the age of 8. It is a critical time for them. I want to be a part of that time. I could tell you a million reasons why I am thrilled to homeschool! Go for it! You won't regret it!


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