Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wanted: Spool Doll Family

Back in 2008 I got a dollhouse for Nora's birthday.  I mean Nora got a dollhouse.  Recently, it came out of its place in the corner and found a new home in the PaperDoll Studio.  Sadly, a lot of the furniture had been played with a little too much, or lost or chewed up by the dog so Nora and I have been spending time fixing it up a little.  She doesn't really want to "play" with it but we are enjoying decorating it together.  It's so fun to search for tiny treasures for the doll family.  I'm super heartbroken over the fact that Foster (RIP) chewed up every member of the dollhouse family except for the mommy and the daddy. Well, the daddy does have a few teeth marks but he's still with us.  He ate all the babies!!!  I was obsessed with the cuteness of those little spool babies.   I have tried to get in touch with the girl who made them for me but no luck.  So here's my there anyone out there that can replicate these adorable spool dolls??  Do you know of anyone who can make them for me??  Our dollhouse mommy and daddy are not enjoying the empty nest...HELP!!

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  1. I just looked on Etsy and found this lady...

    They're not as cute as the originals but I'll bet she would work with you since you have a picture of what you want. Plus, she makes those cute tiny doors like the red one that you posted about a while ago.

    Good luck because those things are cute!!


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