Friday, August 5, 2011

Random stuff...

~I did a little updating on the FAQS today. 

~Nora announced the other day that she was going to start collecting buttons.  Yes, buttons.  As in the buttons on your shirt...but cute ones.  I knew then without a doubt that God knew what he was doing when he gave her to me.  I may be the only other person in the world who thinks that collecting buttons is perfectly fabulous and makes total sense.  While the rest of the family was saying "HUH?" I was putting my shoes on to go buy her a button.  Oh my, this girl gets me.  We can sit her button collection on the shelf right next to my cute pencil collection. 

~Graham is the perfect employee.  He is already making things a bit more awesome up here in the PaperDoll Studio.  He's saving up for a video game so he's all over this working thing.  I better take advantage while it lasts.

~Next week The Baker and I will have been married for 14 years.  I don't brag on this guy enough.  He's the best.  I'm one lucky girl.  Graham, Nora and Charlie are three lucky little kids.

~Dinner with girlfriends last night...lovely.  Sometimes it's hard to pull myself away from work and kids and life but it always feels good to sit down with old friends and laugh.

~It's freakin' hot.

~That's about it.

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  1. I love buttons! I have 6 old school "cold cream" jars full of buttons. They were my grandmother's and the smell of the jars was her "fragrance". They have been moved across the country two times & I love to sift through them, remembering which ones went on my Holly Hobby dress or my Laura Ashley style romper. Great idea Nora!

  2. Dinner was fun. So great to see you. We don't do it enough. Thanks again for your help with SCF.


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