Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here's what...

In all my summers doing PaperDoll Designs ( and this would be the 8th summer) this summer has by far been the busiest.  I think I am having growing pains.  It makes me so happy that my PaperDoll  baby is growing but oh my goodness...growing pains suck!  I'm learning as I go.  Today I hired my oldest son Graham to work for me.  Seriously.  We settled on a wage...he's cheap...and he's working away stocking shelves as I type.  If only he could tie a pretty bow.
I'm gearing up for another MINI back to school sale and hopefully a super fabulous Monday special!
stay tuned!
rocket stripe bag tag 
zebra ribbon hot pink bag tag 
peace sign bag tag 
racing cake toppers 
flower shop pink, turquoise & lime binder 
blue striped shirt with green font mini bag tag 
batman bag tag 
zebra ribbon turquoise & lime 
initial stripe red and grey bag tag 
sports themed glue sticks
© 2011 paperdoll designs

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