Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Picture Post

floral pop brown, chocolate bubbles pink, hepburn lavender mini bag tags with bows 
big dotty damask orange & black bag tag, sippy cup & snack cup 
big dotty gingham damask binder in light blue 
flower shop binder pink, blue & green (blue stripes instead of black at top by special request) 
zebra ribbon purple lime binder  
big dotty zebra turquoise 
big dotty gingham damask mini spiral in light blue 
JANA green & black binder (special request...JANA is usually green and brown) 
spring gumdrops binder 
cafe plaid blue & red binder 
maude binder 
hippie chic bag tag in turquoise 
rugby green & blue bag tag 
hepburn lavender lunchbox
© 2011 paperdoll designs

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