Sunday, August 23, 2009

"I Very Love You!"

Today while riding in the car Charlie suddenly said "I very love you Mommy." Are you kidding me?? That's what being a mommy is all about...
He started school last week. He loved it. He got in a little trouble for not being quiet at nap time on the second day. Because he's my third child, I laughed. If Graham had gotten in trouble on the 2nd day of school I would have consulted every parenting book I could find and would have determined immediately that he had severe behavior issues. Wait...I did do that when Graham was little!

Graham definitely caused some trouble in his preschool years. I could tell LOTS of stories about this one. He's grown out of it. I may be biased but I'm thinking he's probably one of the most well behaved almost 9 year olds EVER. I'm sure one of these days Charlie will grow out of it too.

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  1. So glad school is going well for the CMan! And you are right...those words are what being a momma is all about!

  2. That gives me hope for sweet Kate Butler - that she'll grow out of it one day!:)


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