Friday, April 24, 2015

The TODY App

I've been using this cleaning app called TODY for a few months now and I'm still loving it so I thought I should share.  I love to declutter and organize and do projects around the house but actually cleaning the house is not my thing.  I do however LOVE checking things off a to-do list so this is the perfect app for me.  It was $2.99 well spent.
Once you download the app, you can add areas that suit your home. In addition to the areas above, I've added each kid's room, their bathroom, the hallway and a "general" category.
You can then add your chores for each area and designate how often you want to do them.  When a chore has been done, you see green.  It turns yellow, then orange and finally red the longer it's been since the task was last done.
When you've finished a task, you just pull that specific task up and click "Just did it!"  I don't know why, but it makes cleaning less painful to be able to click those buttons and watch the colors change.  Call me crazy.
Another thing I love about it is that I always have my cleaning list handy.  You can sort by room or just list out everything that needs to be done so it's super handy on a rushed cleaning day.  When I feel like the kids need a job to do, I just pull up the app on my phone and assign a chore that needs to be done.  I also love that it keeps me from forgetting some of the things that used to slip my mind like dreaded baseboards and light fixtures.  Cleaning is absolutely not one of my favorite things but this app has helped me out a lot.  I highly recommend!!

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