Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scripture Cards for the Women of Nakuru, Kenya

Over spring break, my friend, Alycia, took her two girls to Kenya on a mission trip.  Friends, I've never been to Africa but I can tell you, it is a serious step in the direction of obedience to Christ to leave part of your family behind and board a plane (especially when you are not a fan of flying) to head to a foreign land far away where Diet Coke and coffee are not available on every street corner.  I wasn't even a part of the trip but I was so blessed by the pictures and texts she sent while she was there and all that she has told us since she has returned.
She was so moved by her experience there that she immediately made the decision to go back in July.  She will be teaching at the Wise Women's Conference in Nakura, Kenya July 12 - 15th.  She shared with me that many of these women do not have access to Bibles and since we are so passionate about hiding the word of God in our hearts, we are partnering together to get Scripture Cards to the women and girls of Kenya.  The goal of the women's conference is to empower women to be ALL they were created to be in Christ Jesus!  What is more empowering than the word of God? 
PaperDoll Scripture Cards will be an easy item to transport and our prayer is that we can send at least 100 sets there with her in July.  Will you partner with us?
I'll be putting $1 from every Scripture Card order towards our mission and at checkout you can choose to donate $1 too!
 Just click the "buy now" button when asked if you'd like to add $1 to send scripture cards to the Wise Women's Conference in Nakuru, Kenya.
I've been so overwhelmed at the feedback so far from the scripture cards but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they would be spreading God's word across the world.  Please partner with us to make this dream come true!!

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