Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Tree...

My mom called this morning to make fun of me regarding my earlier post and so I feel the need to clarify. We don't go around naming our pre-existing that would be nonsense. We only name the trees we plant ourselves which I think is perfectly normal...isn't it? So far we have planted Atticus, Scout & Atticus the 2nd but this is our first tree at our new (old) house. I also need to make a confession. The tree pictured is not actually our tree. Our new baby Redbud is more of a twig than a tree and that's why I think we will name her Twiggy.
Have a happy day!


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  2. I didn't make fun of her. I just thought it was funny that she would take time to name a tree when it took her forever to name Graham, Nora and Charlie. I am wanting a Japanese Maple, so I think, in case it is good luck to name a tree, he/she will be named Sushi.


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