Sunday, April 20, 2008

I declare tomorrow "Get Caught Up Monday"

because "Get Caught Up Weekend" was kind of a flop. It was a flop in a good way though. The weather was beautiful! It's my favorite time of the year. We spent almost the whole weekend outside and the Three Little Darlings were so happy! The Baker - not so much! We raked at least 10 bags of leaves and I think this is the fourth time in the last month or so that we have had to do that. When we bought This Old House several months ago we were so excited about the character and the HUGE trees. Nathan (that's The Baker's real name) said today that he'd like to go back to our old house that had ZERO trees. Surely he doesn't mean it....I love this old house! It has some major flaws but I love it still!
So I played outside all weekend and didn't get as much accomplished in the PaperDoll Studio (fancy for office) as I would have liked. I've got pictures though...

Dot Dot Darcy Red & Blue Sippy Cup

Mimi Photo Bookmarks - GREAT FOR MOTHER'S DAY!

Football Sippy - Super Cute!

Hippie Chic Floral Large NotePads

Hepburn NotePads

Vintage Baby Pink & Green Lip Balm - SO ADORABLE!!!

Hippie Chic Emblem NotePads

Night Owl NotePads
I almost forgot - this Little Darling got to go on a pony ride this weekend. She loved it!

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  1. She finally let you put her in pigtails! Super cute!!


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