Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We decided tonight at about 7 pm that we HAD to plant a tree in the front yard. We loaded everyone up and headed out to pick up one of these...

I love Redbud trees...must be an Oklahoma thing. Anyway, she needs a name. WHAT? We name all our trees, don't you?

Graham, Nora and Charlie proceeded to get completely filthy although Charlie's head stayed clean because he was wearing the helmet that he insists on wearing everytime we set foot outside...he's a safety boy! The flower beds look much better and it was fun for all and now I won't be quite as embarassed when people come to pick up their orders at my house. With all the late night gardening (we're wild and crazy) I am a little behind. I'm off to finish some orders but I will leave you with some pictures...

GumDrops Turquoise Plate & Sports Bottle

Rugby Blue & Chocolate Note Cards

Zebra Lime Large Note Pads & Zebra Pink Small Note Pads

Ballet Bag Tag, Maui Orange Bag Tag, Baseball Bag Tag - $6 each

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