Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crafty Momma

Today while Charlie slept...

Nora and I got a little crafty. It's teacher appreciation week at school and on Thursday the theme is flowers. I had seen these cute little button flowers and thought we could give it a try. I admit, I'm pretty bad about doing crafts with the kids. I find myself saying things like "are you sure you want that sticker there???" and "that's not symmetrical...let mommy do it!" It's horrible, I know. But this craft was perfect for us. It's so easy and there is no way to mess up. They turn out cute no matter what...

I watched American Idol tonight hoping that someone would sing something that would get Dolly out of my head but no such luck. So here's a few of the things I worked on tonight while singing that same ol' song!

Monkey Boy Fill In Thank Yous ($10/set of 10) and Monkey Boy Calling Cards ($12/set of 24)

Hepburn Green Checkbook Cover - $10

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  1. Okay, how cute are the button flowers?! Wish I had your daughter when I was still teaching! Just thought I would let you know my secret sister LOVED her note pads. Thanks for being so crafty!!


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