Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's been such a busy weekend! The Baker and I went on a date Saturday night. We NEVER do that! We always have at least one little darling with us so it was a big deal to get to go out by ourselves. We went here (YUM!!!) and then we went to see this. It was pretty funny...not funny like I thought it was going to be but still funny. I love to go see movies and we NEVER go so I would have been happy to see anything. Well, almost anything.

Today I started making tumblers. I ran out of shelf space so I started stacking them. Next thing I knew I had this:

Did I mention that I've had a few tumbler orders lately? Graham thought this was fascinating but it was driving him mad that I wasn't going to finish my pyramid and Charlie was dying to pull the middle center one right out and Nora drew a picture of it. Their reactions totally sum up their personalities.

My office is a mess. Take a look:

I can't believe I've shown you my mess. Now I'll have to tidy up and take some pictures so you can see what it looks like when it's in order (which is never.) That will have to wait until all the Mother's Day/Teacher's/Graduation Gifts are done!

Big Dotty Mini Candy Bars - $12/30

Maui Pink & Turquoise & Maui Turquoise & Pink Sippies - $12 each

GumDrops Pink Fill-In Thank You cards - $10 set & GumDrops Calling Cards $12/set

Neapolitan Blue Flat Note Cards & GumDrops Note Cards

Princess Plate & Sippy Cup

Tatum Pink Plate

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  1. K~ Your stuff is darling as usual!! And if you call that a mess, you need to come by my house!


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