Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Bajillion Emails...

Just after my last post (the one where I was cranky about my tv/phone/internet) my email came back and I was flooded with a bajillion emails. Yes, bajillion is a's fancy for LOTS! Email problems make me crazy but I think I got back to everyone...let me know if I didn't.
Anyway, here are a few of my night owl creations...

Sabrena Stripe Lip Balm with Leopard Purse...Ooh La La!! Cute!

Macy Luggage Tag in Pink/Orange

Note Cards - Hepburn Blue, PaperDoll Paisley Blue, Hepburn Tan
Big Dotty Red/Blue/Chocolate Sippy
Princess Bag Tag - I tied a bow on it b/c I felt like it... they don't come this way!
I've got a long list of "to-do's" for tomorrow so I am off to bed. Well, really I'm off to see if John & Kate Plus 8 is on. LOVE that show!

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  1. Where did you get your adorable new layout? I want one for my blog!! Everything you have is so cute!!


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