Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been robbed!

I had to go INSIDE the bank today. Now I go to the bank almost daily but I'm a drive-through-get-a-lollipop kind of banker. Today I had to go INSIDE. You wanna know why? Because I've been robbed! Last night I was doing one of my OCD habits of checking my account balance online and there were tons of charges that I did not make! Lots of movies were purchased using my card and I shudder to think what kind of movies they were. There were some other charges too. I rushed to find my card and it was right there in my wallet. So there I was at midnight on the phone with the bank getting my card cancelled. This morning I had to go to the bank and fill out paperwork so they could start an investigation. They say someone probably got my information by hacking into a computer. SCARY!!! Not to mention a HUGE pain! I've got lots of accounts set up with that card and now I have to change them all. It makes me so mad that someone has the nerve to do this sort of thing! At least I caught it before they wiped us out! So that was my Monday morning. How was yours?


  1. OH NO!! I hate to hear that happened to you. It is such a violation! Not a good way to start the week! Can they tell what site your info was hacked from? Why do people do such things? It just makes me sick!

  2. I would have FUH-REAKED out!!!!! What a way to start the week. Hope the rest of it is better. Just get the bad stuff outta the way at the beginning, right? Now it'll be terrif!


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