Monday, April 14, 2008

Bundt Cakes!

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Many of you have had to listen to me ramble on about how fun it would be to open Tulsa's first Cupcake Bar. The Baker would happily bake and I would happily decorate cupcakes while wearing a cute apron and I'd have an excuse to buy all sorts of cute cake stands and sprinkles. Our three Little Darlings would get high on icing shots and life would be grand! BUT I stumbled upon this the other day and now I'm thinking Bundt Cakes! They are the new cupcake! Seriously cute! Does anyone know where I can get a mini bundt cake pan? I've been searching but can't find one. I'd love to make something like this for Charlie and Nora's bday party! If you know, please tell me. Leave a comment or if you're shy send me an email!

A few things that happened today...

Dot Dot Darcy Black & Red Checkbook Cover - $10

Gingham Bee Calling Card - $12/set of 24

Dot Dot Darcy Red & Turquoise Note Cards - $10

Rugby Stickers - $7/set of 10 LOVE THESE! Must make some for G!

***this post is dedicated to The Dar who scolded me for going a full 48 hours without a post


  1. Thanks for the dedication. I'm touched!

  2. that bundt cake site is to DIE for! i love it. love the cupcake bar idea, they do have them everywhere it seems...where should it be? also, i'm wondering what the stickers are for? the rugby for gifts? i love all your stuff...been SWAMPED with design work and mailed it out at i'm just now catching up on blog reading! love you and all things you! blessings!

  3. I just found your blog today. I lucked out and got my mini-bundt cake pans at a yardsale (in two sizes and sporting the lovely shades of avocado and burnt orange on the backsides, no less!), but I'm pretty sure you can buy mini-bundt pans at Target. I made orange mini-bundts and served them with vanilla icecream and strawberry sauce at a bridal shower and they were a HUGE hit! I love my mini-bundt cake pans! Good luck!


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