Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's for Dinner?

We had a menu plan FAIL last week.  We started out great but on Wednesday the kids got invited to spend a few days with their grandparents so we were kid free for the last part of the week!!  We took advantage of it and ate out a few nights.  We also rented movies and went to a movie and slept in late!!  Yippee for grandparents!! 
This week will be odd too.  The middle and the big are leaving for camp today and with only Charlie here (MR. PICKY!) our meal plan might suffer.  We're hoping for the best.  Here's the plan:
 *I use my PaperDoll Designs Dry Erase Menu Board that is very similar to the above pic to keep my family "in the know" about what's for dinner each week.
Yes, the goal is NOT to eat out BUT we told Charlie he could pick a few things that he wanted to do this week since he'll be the "only child" and eating out for dinner is one of them.  We'll go where he picks but I'm going to push my agenda on him and try to get him to pick Jamba Juice.  Nathan and I love to have smoothies for dinner and they have a pizza or pretzel kid's meal so I think he might go for it.  If not, I guarantee we'll be eating at Charlie's Chicken.
MONDAY:  Grilled Chicken
We're going to grill out chicken and veggies and do some extra chicken for a few other meals this week.

TUESDAY:  Spinach Salad
I can't get enough of the strawberry spinach salad but Nathan's not a huge fan.  As long as he has some of the leftover chicken, he'll be happy to eat a spinach salad.
WEDNESDAY:  Hamburgers
It's not supposed to be as hot this week so Nathan said he wanted to grill a few times so hamburgers it is.  YUM.  I love hamburgers on the grill.  So much for that day that I thought I was going to become a vegetarian.
THURSDAY:  Fajitas
We'll use the extra chicken we grill on Monday. 

FRIDAY:  Dinner with friends
We gotta have fun sometimes!!
SATURDAY:  Pasta Night
All the kids will be back home safe and sound so we'll do their favorite meal.  Despite the fact that I've been trying to break up with pasta night, I decided it would make a good "welcome home" meal since they love it so much.
That's what I'm making this week!  I'd love to hear what you are having!!  Maybe in the future I will get all blog savvy and do one of those "What's for Dinner" linky thingy majigs. 
In the meantime, don't be shy and leave me a comment.   I'm always looking for new dinner ideas!
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