Friday, July 12, 2013

Picture Post

No InstaFriday today...I still can't seem to get myself back in gear after our vacation.  I haven't even gone through the vacation pictures. We had a great time in Colorado and coming back to work this week has been hard!!  I am not back into the swing of things yet.  My big and my middle leave next week for camp so it will just be the little and I.  He's pretty easy to entertain so I'm hoping that next week is the week that I will get organized and get back into PaperDoll mode.  I also have high hopes for some serious house cleaning and some junk food detoxing next week but we'll see about those!
I'm making progress on all those product pictures I keep whining about.  These are from mid May and I've even added quite a few pictures to the website lately.  It feels good to be crossing this picture thing off my list!!  I've got a long way to go but I'm making progress.
Minnie Mouse Coin Purse 
Mickey Mouse Coin Purse 
Polka dot gingham floral phone case 
pink Jana portfolio 
modern black/red portfolio 
chevron bunting portfolio  
black floral damask tiff blue portfolio 
blue camo bag tag

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