Tuesday, July 30, 2013

28 to Great! Barre3 Challenge: Day 10

This is day 10 of my 28 to Great Challenge.  Here are a few deep thoughts...
  • Barre workouts are awesome.  I love the online workouts and I love my real life workouts at my gym.  Before I had tried a barre class and knew nothing about it, I thought it sounded pretty easy.  Just watching the videos, you'll probably think it looks easy.  It's not easy.  It's tough.  It works. I Love it.  I Hate it.  I love to hate it.
  • Eating healthy is way more expensive than my old ways.  That makes no sense to me.
  • Sugar is in EVERYTHING.  It's very hard to cut out sugar.  My body misses sugar.
  • Sometimes I want to cry a little when I've gone 10 days without sugar.
  • Theory is that if you are eating healthy foods you will feel better and have more energy.  I think that it must take a while for your body to get use to the shock of all the fruits and vegetables because for the first week, I was running on LOW.  I'm starting to feel better but I'm really hoping to see a difference in my energy (and attitude about eating healthy) this week.
  • It feels really good to accept a challenge and stick to it.  Even if it makes me want to cry a little.
  • I think I've had more water in the past 10 days then I've had in my entire life.  Drinking water is a very hard habit for me to adapt.  I'm just not a fan.  I don't like to drink it without a slice of lemon.  I've gone through a lot of lemons in 10 days.
  • I wonder if Top That Pizza is wondering where I am?
  • My new favorite snack is a handful of almonds.  My old go to snack was gummy worms. 
  • I never realized how often my kids stick their candy/popsicle/ice cream/cheezits in my face and say "Want a bite?"  This happens several times a day.  I had not noticed what food sharers they were until this challenge.
  • My main reasons for doing 28 to Great were to cold turkey change my eating habits, to prove that I can stick to a challenge and to get rid of a little thigh jiggle. Yes, I said thigh jiggle.  Big weight loss was not my goal but I have lost several pounds and I'm not complaining. 
  • Eating healthy takes a lot of prep work and is SO not convenient. 
  • I am not sure that I would have stuck to this if I were doing it on my own.  It's nice to have a friend that's suffering through sugar detox at the same time.
  • I still love Diet Dr. Pepper and I think we will forever be in a seriously committed relationship.  There is no breaking us up. True Love Always.
If you have healthy snack and meal ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!!

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