Friday, July 26, 2013


Happy Friday!
Here's where I dump my phone photos for our week in review.
Sunday morning before church
I am in LOVE with these plastic mason jars!  I use one everyday so it only made sense to have one of every color!!  Thanks Terra for starting my collection and getting me hooked!!
Nora just had to have these glasses from the $ section at Target this week.
She's so funny...she's been wearing them everyday.
Here's proof that there's some reading going on this summer!
Graham started XCountry training this week.  These kids AMAZE me!  They run every day in this crazy Oklahoma humidity and heat and they have the best attitudes.  The coaches are amazing and the kids are rock stars.
Nora and her baby.

We did a major clean in Graham's closet this week.  He's had a major growth spurt recently and I got so tired of him coming downstairs in clothes that were too small.  I had to get them out of his closet.  By the time we were done the poor kid had maybe10 things hanging in his closet.  It's seriously empty.  That's what happens when you grow 2 inches in just a few months.  While we were at it he found a box of Webkinz and gave them all to Olive and Pippa.  Olive was super excited.
Well, there you have it.  That's our week in pictures. 
I'm mypaperdolldesigns on instagram if you want to follow along next week.

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend!!
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