Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Crushes

Car Crush
Fiats.  I'm not a car person so I could care less (or even know) whether these are considered cool or not.  My dream car when I was sixteen was a VW Rabbit convertible.  This car reminds me of I want one.  Never gonna happen but a girl can dream.  The kids and I keep our eye out for them while driving around.  They are so cute.
Clutch Crush
I am in big time love with the clutch I won from Tickled Sew Pink!  It's been great for summer!!
 Perfume Crush
I am loving this Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange perfume for summer.  I also love the lotion.  The only flaw is that it doesn't last all day but it's affordable so I still love it!  I also like the Hawaiian Ruby Guava.  So summery! 
Song Crush
We have declared "Cruise" as our "Call Me Maybe" this summer.  Last summer it was Carly Rae on repeat ALL. SUMMER.  LONG.  This summer it's Nelly & Florida Georgia Line.  I kinda like it.  A LOT.  REPEAT. 
What are  you crushin' on this summer?
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  1. my fave perfume was discontinued....christian dior's 'cherie'. boo. :(
    and me and the kiddos listen to country so we like blake shelton's "the boy's 'round here" and we like "cruise" too!!! only the country version. everything else i'm crushin' on is fattening, so i'll skip that. xoxoxo. p.s. i came here today for the dollhouse pics so i'ma check that out. you inspired me. as always.


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